Work at Sunman

Sunman’s Magic is its vigorous human resource.

No matter what the circumstances may be, in good days and bad, we are a big, sanguine family at Sunman.

We, at Sunman, do our jobs with joy and diligence. We trust ourselves and each other. We believe in our brand and we direct change with our actions. Under all circumstances, we strive to be impartial, unbiased, and fair and above all else we are reliable as we always keep our word.

Sunman Group Human Resources Policy;

In line with Sunman Group’s strategies and vision;

*By employing up-to-date and standard HR techniques, we find the most apt talents that suit the Sunman corporate culture.

*We employ and implement fair and balanced processes in order to evaluate employee performance and increase employee satisfaction.

*We provide training and professional development opportunities for Sunman employees through our educational and developmental programs.

*We ensure that each member of our family feels responsible for their business results. We compensate and reward our employees based on their performance in a timely manner so the good work continues uninterrupted.